Monday, May 19, 2014

The hardship of selection

Here in India, with a population so large, an entrance exam is a rejection process. In all kinds of entrance exams, the questions and the passing criteria are made such that the least number of people get through to make it to the admission department of a college/university. But who can blame them, with education taking priority in everywhere, the situation is if there is one vacancy/seat, 2000 people apply. I think you get the idea.
And some people like me, who want to have a foreign exposure in their portfolio, an oversea education seems a bit better idea. Universities abroad work on an acceptance criteria, they accept application it they are full, they usually have very basic minimum requirement for submitting an application and they try their best to evaluate the student in a positive light. And if your profile matches the kind of student they are looking for then vol-la! you get an interview call. Then its all how you can best sell yourself.
Being an Indian, one would always apply to all the possible university where one can picture them selves and if there is no application fee (like in most UK Universities) then we just go overboard. Applying is no hardship, fill the application, make an impressive CV and write an essay from your heart but in a more polish way. The actual problem comes when your application is good and you get accepted to a lot of colleges. I mean there is a possibility that you applied to three and got accepted in two OR you applied in fifteen and got accepted in ten (few rejections are obvious). Two is not a problem, but ten you are in for a mass confusion. Wonder how many pros and cons lists you will have to make? (2^10)
After one gets the acceptance letter, the real race begins, you need to be careful of the acceptance deadlines(priority #1). You will weigh in mostly these factors : Money, Exposure, Quality and Returns(not in this order particularly) but then again desire and hope play a very important role. One might favor an expensive education because of its reputation or just for the future prospect and one might favor another as it best suits their interest. One might never be able to d
etermine on what basis student choose their colleges, but only those student achieve their career goals who make their own decision, who know what path they want their life to progress into.
A decision needs to be taken and that to probably within a month, so think but relax too, because this will be a milestone in your life journey. You will be responsible and you will have to eat the fruit it bears, what kind of fruit it will be is entirely up to you own prospective.

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