Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creative Team

Hi everyone, I'm a college student. I always apply for any new society or organisation formed in the campus. There was an entrance test for Creative team of our cpllege magazine and i designed this. Hope they like it and i get recruited.
But i still like to know ur opition about it!

I have described it as:
In this there is a girl who is in the shadow, who is there but not known.
And there is a girl who is in the lime light, who is known even if she is not there.
The background is complex and complicated impression of a machine which represent the world.
The fire connects the desires of the girls, one wants to be another.
Shadow wants to touch the colours and Glamor wants some peace.
Fire is used as a connection because the desire is strong
but at the same time it can harm their nature too,
same as fire which gives us light but if not controlled it can burn us too.
There a few unanswered questions. the girls are different but their questions are much the same.



  1. hey Nishtha that's beautiful, n congratts !!

  2. Yes.. Innovativeness in load..!!
    Going gud...
    I dont knw..even-a-inch in paintings..but liked this complex crackerjack thing..